Top 5 Places to Eat Street Food in Kolhapur

Top 5 Places to Eat Street Food in Kolhapur

Kolhapur is a must visit place to pamper your taste buds.If you are a foodie, you will be definitely going to visit it again and again.

  1. Spicy Misal –

  • Khasbaug Misal

          This restaurant is located opposite to famous Khaasbaug Ground. The spices being used in their Misal are prepared by themselves for more than 70 years. Due to this, it has a unique taste.

  • Bawda Misal

          This is the oldest Misal selling joint in Kolhapur. Many Marathi TV & movie celebs have visited this place.

  • Chorage Misal

          This place is near godess Mahalaxmi Temple. The Misal here is somewhat less spicy.

2. Vada Pav –

           The size Kolhapuri Vada is always Jumbo. Famous Vada Pav joints in Kolhapur are –

  • Priyadarshini Mobile Canteen

           The most famous place in Kolhapur for Vada Pav which is at Rankala Lake Chowpatty. It’s open only during evenings. The Vada Pav with coconut chutney tastes just awsome here.

  • Deepak Vada Center

          It’s situated in Dasara Chowk & is the oldest joint for Vada Pav in the city.

3. Bhel –

  • Rajabhau Bhel

          One of the oldest & most famous Bhel center in Kolhapur. It’s in Khaau Galli near Khassbaug ground.

  • Rajkamal / Time pass Bhel

           The time pass Bhel here is famous. If you are going to Rankala Lake, You must visit here too.

4. Davangiri Loni Dosa

 This is a small place near Ardha Shivaji Putala (The Half Shivaji Statue) which is famous for pocket friendly Loni Dosa.

5. Akhkha Masoor

Kolhapuri Akkha Masoor is very famous. There are many veg. restaurants which provide this dish. You can get Akkha Masoor at its best in Marathi Khasiyat restaurant in city.

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